About The Sensitive Skillet

I wanted to start this recipe site to help those who are searching for recipes that are easy and work for people with food sensitivities. I only use foods that have been tested on the MRT test so there are NO guessing games with an ingredient. My goal is for this to make your life easier with LESS time spent searching for recipes that work for you and MORE time doing the other things you love, like cooking and eating! 

I know that cooking for some is a chore and not an enjoyable task, but hopefully the recipes you will find here are easy and simple to make. 

Hey, I’m Dr. Kate Ricciardi and I have gone through my own struggles with GI health, which is why I became a Certified LEAP Therapist and started my own nutrition practice. I want to help others who are suffering through their own digestive health issues and let them know there CAN be a way to get your life back. 

I believe in using evidence based practice, and my first piece of evidence is the results that your body is telling us. I am a big believer in gut health and inflammation affecting so many conditions.  If your gut isn’t well, it’s hard to feel your best. 

In my practice, I use the gold standard for food sensitivity testing to measure the amount of inflammation that is occuring in YOUR body when it’s exposed to a certain food. Then go from there. 

Anxiety, IBS, eczema, chronic sinus/ear infections, PCOS, infertility, migraines, fibromyalgia, joint pain are among the most common diagnoses I work with. 

If you have been there and done that with the elimination diets and it’s just not working for you, then you NEED this. 

Check out my practice page at RD Nutrition Consulting, LLC and see what we can do together.  I know your life is calling and it wants you back.  I want to help you answer the call.